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  • [Mar 21 2009] Choice between Foreclosure and Bankruptcy
    Hoards of people need to opt between filing bankruptcy or allowing their mortgage lender to foreclose on their house. If monthly house payments are not received on time, the financial institution will file for a foreclosure on the property. Not a thing short of paying the mortgage as agreed is assured block the foreclosure proceedings. It will be very same for anybody who has not paid their hom
  • [Mar 20 2009] Foreclosure or Bankruptcy
    While insolvency does not permanently end foreclosure, it could allow an individual more time to repay the over due or at least it does make it little easier to pay back the lender. Bankruptcy law requires a lender to freeze a foreclosure action, a debtor has a short time to produce the money to pay the lender. It is the final fall back for any debtor to file for financial insolvency when the co
  • [Mar 3 2009] Forclosure or Bankruptcy
    Since bankruptcy needs a mortgage bank to postpone a foreclosure action, a debtor has a small time to raise the cash to pay the bank. Thru bankruptcy, a lot of unsecured loans are eliminated absolutely, and somebody who is in debt will often find that they have money to pay their home loan payments with that they did not before bankruptcy. Re a chapter thirteen bankruptcy, the courts will dictate
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