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  • [Sep 21 2009] Long Term Budgeting
    This is perhaps the most requested topic that I receive, typically after somebody gets a massive astonishing cost, or they start pondering retirement and understand that they have saved a morosely insufficient amount of cash.
  • [Sep 12 2009] Debt Free Living
    Indeed a debt free living standard appears all but unattainable for many of us. What are we able to do then, to attain a debt free living? Well, there are numerous things that you can do to get into this kind of life-style, but the first thing will need to be a perception of your own particular money situation.
  • [Apr 19 2009] Why you have the Wrong Idea About Frugality
    Here are a few things that frugality is not. Stinginess, Going for the cheaper alternative, Risking your health for money and a few more.
  • [Apr 19 2009] Debt Relief Motivation
    This is why you should think about ways that you can keep yourself motivated enough to push through to a debt free life.
  • [Apr 13 2009] Personal and Payday Loans
    Guaranteed personal loans can be used for a number of things from vacations to a new home entertainment system. If you are in debt, use these loans to pay off high-interest credit cards. The credit card company resorts to hiking up the interest rates in cases of missed or late payment.
  • [Apr 13 2009] Payday Loans
    We all need a little extra money from time to time to cover something that has happened quite by accident but that doesn't mean that the only option available is arranging a personal loan. A frequently used alternative is a 'payday loan' and contrary to popular belief, it is very possible for a person to obtain one with no checking account. Although some people are worried about this type of loan,
  • [Apr 8 2009] What is a Bridge Loan
    Bridge loans differ in cost from bank to bank. Some banks specialize in this type of financing and some banks do not deal with bridge loans at all. You probably want to give your personal bank a try first. If they fall short of your goals then ask your banker for a referral. The banking industry is very insestuous in regard to employment.
  • [Apr 8 2009] Learning about a Good Credit Score
    Your credit score ranges from 340 to 850 and creditors decide this by reviewing your payment history, amounts that you owe, the length of your credit history, the types of credit you have used and new credit. Having a credit score of over 700 will give you a lot of opportunities towards getting the best interest rates and even superior alternatives of other types of financing since it is already q
  • [Apr 8 2009] Rebuild a Credit Score
    The quickest way for a consumer to rebuild his or her credit rating is by using a credit card as regular transactions and timely payments (above the minimum required) are monitored more frequently than any other form of credit. It is more likely for credit card issuers to set their own terms and guidelines especially when it comes to issuing them to somebody who has a poor credit history therefore
  • [Mar 30 2009] Managing Debt Recovery - Part 3 - Managing your credit
    Part 3 of a three, (3), part series explaining how to put together and manage a debt recovery plan. This module discusses how to manage your credit during debt recovery
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