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  • [Mar 25 2009] Managing Debt Recovery - Part 2 - The Debt Snowball
    Part 2 of a three, (3), part series explaining how to put together and manage a debt recovery plan. This module discusses the best way to get yourself out of debt.
  • [Mar 12 2009] FTC Calls for Debt Collection Law Reform
    The FTC wants to improve the flow of information within the FDCPA by requiring "validation notices" to be sent to the consumer that will disclose the original creditor and list the debt specifics and inform consumers of particular rights they have under the FDCPA. Specifics include the original amount of the debt, total interest, and total fees. The FTC wants to require debt collection agents to
  • [Mar 10 2009] Rebuilding Your Credit
    The quickest way for a consumer to rebuild his or her credit rating is by using a credit card as regular transactions and timely payments (above the minimum required) are monitored more frequently than any other form of credit. As with any other type of bad credit lending, there will be some form of 'loading' from the issuer but it is easy enough to discover who is offering the best deal at any on
  • [Mar 10 2009] What is a Good Credit Score
    Approximately 60 percent of Americans have a good credit record implying that even though it is evident that many are well off with their monetary resources, still, there are also a number of those who need improvement with their scores. You don't have to be anxious if you happen to have a low or poor credit history since there are a lot of available options that can help you better your record. S
  • [Mar 3 2009] Keeping your Credit Clean
    Your credit score is simply a number between 350 and 850 that gives a snapshot of how healthy your credit is. Your credit report is much more detailed and specific. Here is the kind of info you should expect to see on your credit report.
  • [Mar 3 2009] Starving for fun and profit
    How tightening the belt now can feed your future.
  • [Mar 3 2009] Become Debt Free by Cutting Down Your Utility Bill
    With a few smart teaks to how you live, you can easy free up more money to pour into your debt.
  • [Mar 3 2009] How to Make a Budget and Get Out of Debt
    If you want to get out of debt or even be financially secure, you have to start with a budget. Without a solid financial budget, you will just spend and receive money without really considering too much about where it fits into the big picture. A budget is the first step to really getting a handle on your finances, because before you can control anything, you have to understand it.
  • [Mar 3 2009] Save Money By Taking Fewer Trips In your Car
    Gas prices can spike dramatically over the cost of a month, forcing you to very quickly reconsider how much you are going to have to spend on car related expenses. So itís a smart idea to try and make your car and your driving habits as fuel efficient as possible, by doing things like accelerating slowly, making sure your tires are properly inflated, and getting regular tune ups. But in the end,
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